Aromatherapy Diffuser Tip

  1. Preparation

Unusual smell at first use(if any)

In some cases, there might be noticeable smell at first use. It is from the minor residual of detergent used for device testing in factory. It is not harmful. And it will be diffused during first use of essential oil.


Oil preparation

You can select any 10ml or 15ml bottle of essential oil to diffuse directly. Remove the dropper cap before screwing bottle up to the device. You can also put oil to the empty bottle we provide.

Just screw-on the bottle, please do not pull the soft tube.


  1. Operating

Power on

After screwing bottle with essential oil, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to power on. 


Warming up

Once power-on, wait 3-5 minutes for the device to warm up and detect essential oil at first time.

During the period of warming up, there might be noticeable noise. Noise will disappear when it goes to normal diffusing.


Timer set-up

When the device is powered on, press the clock icon button to select the desired operation time: 

1 Hour operation time 

2 Hours operation time

4 Hours operation time

8 Hours operation time (all the timer lights will be off)


Diffusing power set up

The device will be set to Power Level 3 by default when turned on. Then press the power icon button to select the desired diffusing power: 

Power Level 1: 10 seconds release time with 190 seconds pause interval 

Power Level 2: 10 seconds release time with 30 seconds pause interval 

Power Level 3: 10 seconds release time with 10 seconds pause interval

Notice: Diffusing power can NOT be controlled by mobile apps or pre-set the boot time. 


Power off

Press and hold power button for 3 seconds, the power light will be flashing for 20 seconds to retract oil back to the device and oil bottle, as a result of which, helps to store the oil.


  1. Trouble Shooting/Maintenance

No disperse of oil

If you don’t smell the aroma, and see power lights continue blinking rapidly, it means the device is unable to detect oil properly for the first time. Please take the following steps:

Turn off the device. 

Detach the oil bottle.

Re-attach the oil bottle again, in the meantime make sure the tube is not tangled inside the bottle this time. 

Turn on the device and wait for 3-5 minutes again.


Check if the oil runs out

When the oil runs out, the power light blinks rapidly.


Check the battery level

When battery is low, the middle power light will blink in red rapidly.窗体顶端


Switch between oils

Please take the follow the steps:

Turn off the device (if it is on) and wait for the power light stop flashing.

Remove the previous essential oil bottle. 

Take a clean cloth to wipe the tube gently. 

Screw on the next essential oil bottle then turn on the device again.

Consumer may smell the mix of two oils at early phase right after changing oil. Sometimes it is a nice experience of blending.



Try other liquids to diffuse than pure essential oils

The device has broader compatibility on different oils. Consumer may find it works well for different blends (oils, fragrances etc.), however it may not deliver same level of performance as pure essential oils.



Charge with the USB adaptor and diffuse the oil at the same time

Yes, it is OK to charge with USB adaptor while diffusing the oil. Just kindly note the charging time will be longer.



How to store the diffuser when it is not used for a long time?

If not used for more than 2 weeks, the essential oil may stick to the bottle mouth.

Please remove the essential oil bottle, gently wipe the suction tube with a clean cloth, and screw back any 10ml or 15ml clean empty bottle.


Leakage-proof and trip advice

The device has leakage-proof design but for accidental knock-down only. The oil may leak out if taking for outside trip. Therefore, when take the device with you for outside trip, please be advised to:

Screw an empty bottle to the device.

Keep diffusing the oil (to run out) in the device until power light blinking.

Turn off the device.