Q: No mist / no fragrance?
A: You can place an order on our web site and pay with a major credit card, debit card, or PayPal. Sorry, but we cannot accept checks or money orders.

Q: Are the mists visible or not?
A: The atomized mist is relatively fine and may not be visible with nake eyes. But You can clearly see it under a focus lighting. And if there is a fragrance, it indicates operation.

Q: How to clean the interior of diffuser?
A: Use [1:3 distilled water(purified water) and rubbing alcohol] or [75%ethanol] in an empty bottle and start the machine for 10-30 minutes.

*It is recommended to use once every two weeks as a cycle.

Q: What is the noise level of the diffuser?
A: Normally the diffuser is operating under 38 dB, and it will be a noise(about 45s) when the diffuser's PZT Resonator starts and shuts down.

Q: What is the diffuser's mist intensity and consumption?
LOW: 10 seconds diffusing and pause for 190 seconds(0.1mL/h);
MEDIUM: 10 seconds diffusing and pause for 30 seconds(0.5mLh);
HIGH: 10 seconds diffusing and pause for 10 seconds(1mL/h).